Grillado’s and the Montreal Grand Prix – Where Will You Be This Weekend?

The Canadian Grand Prix, held (as you already know) in our very own Montreal, is one of the most-watched sporting events of the year. It began in 1967 and in 1978 was permanently moved to Montreal’s Gilles Villeneuve track in Île Notre-Dame. Since then, thousands of people every year fly or drive over here to see the beautiful car shows, take it easy on one of the many terraces, and, of course, attend the race. Well, we definitely help out with the third one. It is perhaps the biggest weekend of the summer for local businesses.

With you and your family finally settled into one of our gorgeous hotels, the next most important thing you’ll have to figure out is where to eat! There are so many restaurants in such a small space, the amount of mental fortitude needed to finally settle on a place can bring even the most rock-solid families to their knees. I want to make things a little easier for you. I am going to explain to you why Grillado’s, located in the heart of downtown Montreal, is THE place to be for the Grand Prix weekend.

Grillado’s Peri Peri Chicken has recently opened and has already taken the city by storm. The concept of Portuguese chicken grilled on an open fire with salivation-inducing South African spices makes this chicken tough to beat. Seriously, try finding chicken like this anywhere else. But don’t take our word for it; you’ll have to taste all the goodness this type of gastronomy has to offer.

Everyone loves chicken. It is such a huge part of our lives that even other food tastes like chicken to us. Unfortunately, we are told not to eat too much of it because the way it is prepared is usually unhealthy. The healthiest known way to prepare chicken is to flame grill it. At Grillado’s, this decision to prepare chicken this way was a no-brainer. We want people to enjoy our delicious chicken but also not feel guilty about eating it. That is also why we took the next best step and made sure that our chicken is NEVER frozen. It is brought in fresh every single day, with no steroids and no preservatives ever being used. Not many eateries can say they do this for their customers.

But chicken is chicken right? Simple and kind of boring, you wouldn’t think about going to a chicken place twice. Not unless you tried it with one of our signature Peri Peri sauces. As soon as you walk into our comfortable, homey-looking place, you will be greeted at the counter and asked “how hot do you want it?” Don’t let your imagination get the better of you; we’re talking about the chicken! On the wall will be the Peri-meter, our very own design. On it is Mild, Hot, Extra Hot, and We Dare You (we really do on this one). Your choice depends on how brave you’re feeling, and during Grand Prix, people tend to go all out! Your chicken (marinated in the sauce of your choice for 24 hours) will be put on the open flame and served to you with your choice of side(s) and extra sauce options. As soon as you bite into your food, the flavour rushes out at you. The spices twinging the inside of your cheeks; the chicken complimenting your palate. It is quite a remarkable experience. Then, if you decide to take a break from the main course, your side(s) becomes your best friend. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t forget to ask for a beverage refill!

If the taste is not enough to sell you, the price surely will. A complete meal with a side will run you less than ten dollars. That’s unheard of. Enough food to leave your belly full but won’t make a single dent in your wallet means you can enjoy even more of what this beautiful city has to offer during the Grand Prix. Perhaps even a drink or two while you chat amongst friends. There’s no need to even leave right away. Grillado’s comes equipped with four giant flat-screen televisions for your enjoyment. Don’t have a ticket to one of the big races? No problem! We’ll be bringing it all to you live in our restaurant for the entire weekend.

At Grillado’s, we pride ourselves on friendly service and exceptional cuisine. We truly have a knack for comfort food coupled with a comfortable atmosphere. So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a local or a visitor, come on down to Grillado’s and have yourself some fun. With the cold weather we’ve been having, we think it’s about time we all “turn up the heat”.