Franchising Grillado's

Concept is growing at an alarming rate. From its original location in Downtown Montreal, there are plans to extend Grillado’s throughout Montreal, the greater Montreal are, and eventually across Canada. Grillado’s creativity in the creation and marketing of its own unique variety of Peri Peri sauces has made it a unique and lucrative venture to pursue.

Our restaurants offer customers a variety of fun and exciting meals that give just enough kick to keep them satisfied and coming back for more. You can be a part of our controlled expansion. You can be part of the Grillado’s adventure.

Our franchisees must show leadership, passion, and a drive to succeed. We will very soon have a list of closely reviewed, prime locations for our franchise to grow that you can select from.

If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the form below or email us: to take a look at the opportunities and support we offer. If you meet our criteria, a wonderful experience awaits you.

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Franchise Q&A

It depends on the size of the store, equipment needed for the concept, décor chosen and the existing
condition of the premises. The total investment for a new build-out from a 2,000 to 3,000 square foot
space can range from $500,000 to $600,000.

First we establish what is the best fit for your business goals. The standard sit concept has 60 to 80
seats can range from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet.

The Grillado’sTM franchise fee per location is $40,000 for a ten (10) year term. Each renewal term is
50% of the franchise fee at the current time of renewal.

The Franchise Agreement is a ten-year (10) term.

Yes, each renewal term can be either five (5) or ten (10) years or in between depending on your lease agreement.

Yes, a compulsory and comprehensive eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks training program is scheduled
prior to the opening of your franchise. We will train your staff prior to opening and assign someone
from head office to help you when you first open your restaurant. We will remain on longer should
additional training be deemed necessary by our corporate training team. The cost of airfare and
accommodations while in Montreal is at your own expense. Miscellaneous expenses during that time
period are also the responsibility of the franchisee.
Training by our team at your store that requires lodging and transportation are additional costs of
the franchisee.

A monthly royalty fee of 5% of your Gross Revenue is payable to the Franchisor.

Grillado’sTM Head Office will assist the franchisee in identifying a high-potential location that is
suitable to both the franchisee and Grillado’s Brand.
As a franchisee, if Grillado’sTM is not on the head lease you are ultimately responsible for the
negotiating of the final lease.

Grillado’sTM has a broad range of relationships with established Commercial Real Estate Firms in
a variety of geographical markets. We are happy to introduce you to our network and help you to
find a location.
Grillado’sTM is committed in assisting the franchisee in every way possible in identifying a
high-potential location.

There are several factors that will contribute to your level of success. The following two are critical:
the location you have chosen and the ability to maintain daily operating cost (maintaining food
cost and target salaries).
In accordance with franchise laws, we are unable to provide specific information pertaining to profit
or ROI.
Grillado’sTM will be able to provide you with information on projected expenses and costs that will
assist you in developing your own projections for revenue and potential earnings.

Once you are a Franchisee of Record, Grillado’sTM can assist you with the financing application to
a commercial lender or bank.
The franchisee is ultimately responsible for providing the required funding to develop the
Grillado’sTM franchise.

Once a location is secured, and construction permit issued, it takes approximately nine (9) to
twelve (12) weeks for the construction of a Grillado’sTM location.

We are currently franchising in Canada, and are open to expansion with experienced retailers in
the USA and Internationally.

All equipment and supplies are purchased from the franchisor’s trusted and approved vendors.