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Their clients are always in for a treat with the constant stream of new and exciting surprises they bring to the table. It’s special for the birthday boy/girl with balloons and other presents. We have always new pleasurable and surprising offers for their clients. You must be enjoying a lot with us and trying to visit again with your family and friends. So, take the first step towards a brighter future and get connected with Grillados today.

Providing unusual event catering involves many services from food to end-of-program execution. Grillados catering services are available 24/7 in their signature manner. It’s about excellent menu-organizing techniques like buffet, plated, and stations based on your budget and interests. Grillados is a restaurant that always offers charcoal-grilled chicken dishes. It’s always focusing on Grilled chicken and BBQ.

Grillados have a very good impression on the taste buds of their tasters. The marination of the food with their special sauces and cooked over charcoals. Their special techniques that can be used for cooking purposes are highly unique. We also serve whole chicken wings, beef-back ribs, and platters with rice vegetables special Greek salad, and spring salad. We also have a variety of other flavors. It is about the presentation of food, which attracts your attention. Its garnishing and final touch decoration appeal to you to taste it. Food safety and hygiene is the first highest priority and trained staff handles it properly. From cutting to transportation, it is highly protected. There’s no doubt that Grillados always keep cleaning at first because it is a matter of health. Never compromise for health. Grillados always takes care of it and makes food halal and tasty.

decoration manners

Clients are attracted when saw the decoration of tablecloths, napkins, and other elements of table manners. Clients & service providers’ communication is active listening and clear between them. According to the client’s demand, every signature flavored dish is prepared on time. Due to having a professional staff, clients give remarkable reviews and 5-star ratings. A relationship of respect is created between Grillados and its clients through these reviews. Every event is special for us like a wedding event, gathering, or Birthday party, and other options for happiness and enjoyment. Unforgettable events depend on your preferences. It’s about a large table, private room, or semi-private room for group events. Grillados are found in major cities like Montreal, Laval, Milton, Mississauga, and Cambridge. Contact your nearest Grillados location by call, email, or other social media options to discuss your needs and Book and confirm your event.

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Before you start cooking, it’s essential to prepare and season your Beef Back Ribs. Consider marinating them overnight for optimal flavor infusion. Use a dry rub or a flavorful marinade to enhance the natural taste of the meat. Common spices include garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, and brown sugar.

selection of dishes

Grillados’ menu boasts a vibrant selection of dishes, drawing inspiration from perfectly seasoned Golden-Grilled Chicken, Flavorful mouthwatering Beef-Back ribs drizzled with their signature sauces, and ESPEATADA Special (an array of flavorful kebabs) that will leave you craving for more! Food isn’t the only thing that Grillados offers. It can be managed in every kind of situation because they are experts in their work and provide a friendly environment that helps your patrons to feel easy and comfortable. The logistics will be handled by Grillados, leaving you free to enjoy the festivities. Grillados also add a refreshing touch with their audio/video equipment. You can never forget these moments that you have spent with Grillados and his team. With their loved ones enjoy your traditional and pleasurable moments with great delights! To connect with Grillados, Visit our website or physically visit the nearest location.


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